Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So you think that pot will destroy the country.

                             So you think that legalizing pot will destroy the country. It will destroy the moral fabric of the people. It will turn America into a bunch of lazy stoners that will do nothing but sit on the couch all day but then have the motivation to rob and steal to support their pot habit. Yeah, I just said that. And so does every person that is against the legalization of pot.
                              So what stopped people from lifting prohibition on alcohol? the same arguments were made. The same and more examples were used to keep prohibition. What's different? Nothing. Business took the lead to regulate it. That's right, business takes the lead in controlling the abuse of intoxicants. Just because you make pot legal, doesn't mean that you can now be high while operating heavy equipment, being a cop, driving a truck, working with hazardous materials, being a fireman, etc etc etc ad nausium ad infinitum. You will still have to be drug free to have a job with a company that has a drug policy.
                                 Dont believe it? When the day arrived for pot to be sold legally as a recreational intoxicant, the line was huge. And the first guy in line was on the evening news. The next day he was unemployed. Why? His employer saw him on the news and they have a no tolerance policy that didnt change because the law did. In the same way you cant be drunk at work, business wont stand for you being high at work.
                                And it's not a gateway drug either. The only time it could even remotely be considered a gateway drug is when the guy you buy the pot is out of marijuana and offers you an alternative. Which cant happen in a pot *dispensary*.  And if you think people are going to suddenly become criminals to support a pot habit, it would be a lot less of a pain to grow your own. Which would also be legal.
                                And the medical reasons are ridiculous when you consider how much more dangerous alcohol and legal maintenance meds are in comparison.
                              If you have any other BS arguments against pot, I remind you that the ONLY reason pot is illegal is because those who have investments in business that would be effected by hemp(has no THC which is what gets you high from pot) needed a way to make an innocuous plant illegal to protect those investments.  Besides, prohibition is as unconstitutional as Obamacare. So now that all of your reasons have been destroyed, if you have any more *reasons*, comment. I'll show you how those arguments are BS as well.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Corporatism and why they should pay $15/hr or more.

                     Ok, I've been getting a lot of flack for my pro minimum wage hike position and so Im going to explain it in a manner that will have you understanding it without ridicule. Notice I didnt say agree with me. I dont want you to think like me. I want you to think. And I want you to think with factual information as opposed to the rhetoric you parrot.
                     The word I use is Corporatism. Corporatism is the economic situation where a business is so big from buying up the competition and paying government to regulate so that there is no competition, becomes the ruling figure and not the government by threats of destroying the economy by firing, moving, closing, or whatever else they use to leverage more power and money.
                      We are currently in a corporatist society. The corporations dictate quality of goods, wages, laws, whether or not they will go to jail, they decide who wins elections via donation and pay both sides to hedge their bets against loss. They hire illegals in the face of law. They pollute in the face of law. They lower wages by bringing in people that dont understand that they aren't working for a fair market value and will work for any wage, even below minimum, in order to gain a foothold in our country. And the government employees they pay off, ignore the practice and try to keep illegals in the country.
                        Why? To increase profits. But they are increasing profits and prices without fair compensation so that they can take more and more wealth and centralize it into more and more power. In the bank bail out, the phrase, "Too big to fail" was thrown around like it actually means something more than they dont want to lose the money they have invested in the banks. Too big to faill equals too big and SHOULD fail in those cases.
                         With that kind of power and lack of competition, the corporations dictate quality(or lack thereof) and you cannot go anywhere else to get it because they bought all of the competition. They dictate government policy in the form of higher profits for the people regulating the businesses and ignoring our laws. And the worst is the dictation of a *lump it cuz there are no other jobs out there* attitude when it comes to wages.
                         And just exactly where was the bailout money put? Into the pockets of the CEOs that CAUSED the need for the bail out. Now correct me if I'm wrong here, but when was the last time Mom & Pop local store got a bail out from the government? Again, this is NOT capitalism. Capitalism lives on failure. If your business isn't good enough or you dont manage it well enough and it fails, good. More market share for the rest.
                         Capitalism is simply the offering  of quality goods and or services at a price people are willing to pay for it. If your product isnt good enough, you lose business so you make it better. Either that or you lose customers who will go to other people. You lose employees if you dont pay well enough so you have to make dam sure you do it right or you wont be in business.
                           So considering the Corporatist economic situation is where we find ourselves currently, I am 100% for a minimum wage set where is would be if minimum wage had increased along with all of the cost of living increases. $21/hr. And considering that $15/hr is just barely getting by, I dont see it as unreasonable. If they want a corporatist society, then let them buy us out the way they buy out their competition. Otherwise, start voting FOR people who will actually enforce the laws and break up these monopolies disguised as corporations, jail the law breakers, stop illegals and ship them out, and worry about our country over their own bottom line.
                        And if you think this is just so much conspiracy theory, ask yourself this one question and just focus on the Presidency then spread it to the remaining political jobs. Why would anyone spend millions of their own money to get a job that pays $400,000 a year? And the next an more disturbing question is, why would corporations donate to those campaigns? THINK people THINK!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Minimum Wage and Other Corporate Lies.

                       This was going to be the last 3 paragraphs but I made it the first three because Im pretty sure Im going to piss a lot of people off with the rest. So if the transition seems a bit weird, you'l know why.  Here is a budget and reasoning for the budget. This is a midwest area and I'm using it as an example and you can change it to suit your higher costs because ours is lower. I've done the research. $500/mo rent. If you want a job, you have to have an address. $35/mo cheap cell phone. just like the address, the government only allows business to hire people with a phone number and address. (government regulations  require an employee to have verifiable contact information) That should scare the hell out of you.  Electric as a monthly average here is $175/mo. We are a family of 3 and our food cost is $500/mo. Insurance on the car is $50 gasoling about the same where as a bus pass is $60/mo but your at the mercy of the bus schedule. Apartment without wash&Dry hook up in the apt so $3/load of laundry and about 12-15 loads we'll go with $45/mo. I'm going to skip savings, soaps, toilet paper, clothing and all of the other expenses and lump them together along with what ever your health insurance is going to cost you and for the sake of even numbers say all of those things are a total of $45/mo and we end up at $1400/mo. If taxes were as low as 25%  total, you would have to make almost $1900/mo. figureing 4.5 weeks @ 40 hrs/wk is 180 hrs/mo is about $11/hr to survive in a town where the cost of living is very low. So if you look at the cost of just a studio in NYC, you can see where $15/hr is a reasonable, and low, demand.
                               I realize your actual complaint. "I make  less than $15/hr. What's gonna happen to my wages?" They go up of course. But the only way to end this loop is to stop allowing corporate CEOs to raid companies of all they are worth, get paid multimillion dollar salaries and then leave with a multimillion dollar golden parachute.                      
                              What can we do? Shrink government. reduce the number of regulations, stop illegal immigration, end the Fed, stop letting congress pass laws that pad their bottom line, stop huge corporations with our anti trust laws like we did with Ma Bell, and stop letting big business use the tactic of losing money long enough to put the small business out of business. The minimum wage will take care of itself if we actually go back to a capitalist system. But as long as we live in a corporatist society, I say make the minimum wage $21/hr and put a freeze on price increases.
                             Just remember this, the minimum wage was instituted not as a beginner wage for kids but a living wage for average Americans and it included the end of child labor. http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=15405 I dont want to be the next China. I want my country back. When I was a mere 12 years old, I made $10/hr on a construction site during that summer. Construction workers, unless union, still start at $10/hr. Break your chains of slavery and stop letting your corporate masters put words in your mouth that protect them and allow them to continue.            
                       Ok, I'll be fair. There is no one solution or one problem causing high unemployment, under employment and other issues surrounding Corporations.. And the number of government regulations stifle business more than the help the American workers. But to be equally fair, all of the costs, and I mean ALL of the costs, of doing business aren't applied to the business. They're applied to us in higher prices and lower wages. CEOs of companies are the biggest problem and running a close second are the major investors who sit on the board pushing for more  and more and more profits.
                        So let's start with the minimum wage issue. FDR pushed for the minimum wage so hat there wouldn't be any really poor people working themselves to death and starving. It's why so many people hammer China. Their working conditions are appalling and are, simply put, government slave operations. And the American coproations are trying their level best to put us there. They teach you to parrot platitudes that they cant afford it or that it hurts small business when in actuality, they are the ones who hurt small business by operating at a loss to put a small business, out of business.
                         The regulations are actually a myth as well. Look at how well Microsoft does even though it puts out a substandard product and is never made to do a recall to fix it. Big business paying government to keep the wheels of business rolling when they should be allowing the business to fail for being so bad. No Im not totally against Microsoft. This computer has Windows 7. But dont you think that the people who had to suffer with Vista should have gotten to upgrade to Win7 as compensation? Or Windows 10 for free to those who have had to deal with the total garbage that is Window8 and 8.1? No one has ever said, "HEY! MS screwed us! We want our money back!* And no one ever will.
                       Why? Corporate lies. Like the lie that Minimum wage is where it should be. BIG lie there. If wages had kept up with all of the other living costs, it would be over $21/hr. That's right I said $21/hr. Education is another lie. I've had several types of training. On of those was when I worked in construction and was certified to hold a Stop/Slow sign. The class was nonexistent and the test was less than 2hrs. A McDonald's employee's job has more to it than knowing where to put cones, spacing and holding the sign while working a walkie talkie. And starting wage for a sign holder? $14/hr 10 years ago. So explain to me how that job is worth more than a burger flipper who has to deal with a grumpy, unsympathetic, unscrupulous and rude public who thinks they should get the service of a $100/plate restaraunt. I've done both and would never work McD's again. And not because of the pay.
                           Ok so now that I have you thinking about that, try this. Most jobs like McD's only give you 20-25 hrs a week. Not only that, they change your hours from day to day. I cannot find proof but I have a high enough IQ that I'm pretty sure that it is so that you cant get a second job, find out how crappy it is at McD's and quit. After all, it takes money to train people(another myth). And dealing with that other myth, Where does the additional cost come from for training? They aren't paying that person more. They aren't paying a specific trainer. It's usually part of the job description for a manager. And the 20-25 hrs a week has nothing to do with Granny not being able to work more than X hours or she loses Soc Sec or kids in school. It does have everything to do with not paying benefits. If there were no law that said the company has to provide medical for full time employees, people would be getting 40 and more per week.
                          That brings us to the myths about illegals. "Illegals are doing the jobs Americans wont do.* they need to add on to the end of that sentence and have it read, "llegals are doing the jobs Americans wont do for slave wages." While it is true there are several in the US that wont do certain jobs, If it paid a wage you could survive on, Americans would do it. And not only are Americans having to go on the public handouts, now the illegals are going to get it as well. So now taxes have to go up, government takes more control, puts out more usueless regulations and the continuing snow ball of  "paid too low, have to have food stamps, food stamp use rising, more taxes needed, paying more taxes, pass it on to consumers and lower wages to stay aflot(which is another myth but I digress) cant afford to buy stuff priced to high but cant find a better job, etc" continues on.
                          An independent study was done for raising wages to $15 an hour for Wal-Mart employees. The study found that to increase minimum wage it would only require Wally world to increase prices 1-2 cents on everything. Think about that in REAL terms. to be effected in 1 year by $100 by shopping at Wal-Mart, you would have to purchase 5-10 THOUSAND items at the rate of a 1-2 cent increase. I shop at WalMart a lot and I dont get 1000 items in a year.
                           Corporations are the only monster. As I said earlier, government plays a roll as well. They increase regulations which causes the need for more people to police those regulations and more people to process the paperwork and still others to process fines, and so on and so on. Government grows because it's hungry to stay alive. Once a job is done, the department should be done. But it goes in search of reasons to exist so it gets congress to pass more regulation so that there is a reason  for it to be there.
                         And this is where we have stepped out of Capitalism and into Corporatism. Of course small business can no longer survive. It's designed that way. Keep the money centralized so it can be controlled.  The Fed, The Stock Market, and ever growing multinational corporate conglomerates are now able to dictate to you, what you can and cannot do. A quote from George Carlin, "Governments and corporations dont want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. That's against their interests. They want obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paper work, and just dumb enough to passively accept it." That's what Corporations are all about. Getting big enough to dictate this to you.                        
                          Capitalism, on the other hand, is a good thing. Instead of saying... this is what yu get, like it or lump it... they are , "Hello. Here is my business. Please tell us how we can improve your experience here." And when they dont get patronage, they improve teh product or the service. Unlike Corporations who go out and spend millions more on advertizing to generate name recognition to get you to buy something you dont want at a price you really dont want to pay because they told you they were the best and that you needed it to keep up with the Jones'
                            Did you even realize that your retirement was taken away? It increased the bottom line of the corporations. And where did it go? 401ks... that's right. Do you know why? Because your 401k is in the stock market. Why is it in the stock market? To increase revenue? Let me ask you this. In he last market *correction*, where did all the money go that was lost? did it go in your pocket? It doesn't just disappear. Where did it go? In their pockets of course. The stock market is no longer a gauge of how well a business does. It's a means of manipulation to get more of what you have less and less of.
                           Why do you think banks dont take responsibility for obvious identity fraud? You have to spend money to protect and ultimately fix your good name when a criminal steals and abuses your identity. Because it's yet another way to get more and more of what you have less and less of. The people that have money, and I mean filthy rich money like Oprah money, want more. They have enough to ensure the financial security of their family for generations to come. So why do they need more while the poor get less and less? They dont.
                             I left out the media and so much that this is going to seem fragmented and in some places, ridiculous. But there has to be and end point and a place to start discussion so there you go. If asked, I can provide other links. 

As an edit and a forgotten topic. Dont think you can get the job as a CEO. They aren't giving up the job and when they do, they pass it to friends or family members of theirs or another high level administrator or board member.  It's a good old boys club and you aren't in it.                     

Shut Up and Entertain Me. (or: If I wanted your political opinion I would hand one to you in a script.)

                             OMG! It's Sean Penn!!! Yeah, just Bear with me. Recently, everybody's favorite idiot opened his yap again and said that what the republican congress did by writing Iran to remind them of our constitution and Obama's lack of authority to make treaties without them, was mutinous. Yes, Old Mr. Penn is at it again being the idiot he truly is. Yes I'm picking on Sean. But he makes it SO easy. What with rushing into Louisiana to rescue people after Katrina but ending up needing to be rescued, his nonsensical rantings when he gets mad and goes ballistic on his latest female friend, and his latest remarks that forget that every democrat congress has done this since Reagan and the only reason I go back that far is that I was too young to really remember JFK through Carter in regard to that topic.
                             So what is it that makes a celebrity go all out Jabber Jaws crazy and think that we want to hear a political opinion from them? And why is it only the Democrat ones? I hear you already thinking 'What about John Voigt, Ted Nugent and Mel Gibson'? John waited til his career was over, Nugent was attacked for being conservative and Mel... well he's just Mel and falls into this category of people we want to shut up.
                              When did it become fashionable for entertainers to step out of the lime light and into the realm of thinking they had anything we wanted to here from them on the political front? Or on the Parenting front like Gwenyth Paltro? Who do these people think they are? Most dont have an education and a majority of the rest couldnt string together two words if it wasn't the memorization of a script.
                             Why am I picking on Actors and not musicians? Because with Musicians, some of them are poiltical most of the time and so them espousing a political view is their schtick. There are those that need to shut up because their music was never political, like Pink Floyd's Roger Waters and his antisemitic rants lately, but you get the picture.
                               The ones that really torque my cork are the one's that aren't even American like Russel Brandt, Liam Neeson and Piers Morgan. Since when did your opinion about the USA's constitutional rights become your business anyway? To the foreigners who continually Bash the US but have no problem making a living here, If you dont like it leave. If you do like it, say something nice once in a while.
                                And in the case of Sean,who got me going on this topic, I'm not going  to see his movies. One, he has a selective memory when it comes to congress and second he rants about the 2nd amendment but has no problem with having armed security and using Guns in his movies. There's more but I'll leave it with a final thought: The bottom line is, if we want your opinion we will give you one in your next script. Otherwise, please... PLEASE shut up and entertain us. All you really do is to alienate the people that pay money to see your films and when they're sufficiently tired of you,  like me, they'll stop paying money to see anything you're in.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Got Nothin'.... or too much.

              I was reading the news and there was too much crap and then I remembered...  It's a holiday. St. Patty's Day. Why do we celebrate it? WHO CARES! DRINK! But be safe. Make sure you have a sober ride home or that your friends can stay the night at your party. Enjoy the day. I should probably post some sort of hangover cure but, you're doing it to yourselves so go find the cure yourselves. LOL.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Legalizing Marijuana

           Before you pass by this as another stoner who just wants pot legal, look at the uses of hemp listed in the leaf picture. And yes, all of those reason are legitimate. They are also the reason that hemp, not pot, is illegal. Before you blow that off, ask yourself this question: If hemp cant get you high, then why is it illegal too?
            And in that question you have the entire reason why there is a prohibition on ALL hemp. How does that make sense? Standing in the way of moving forward on new and ecofriendly ideas are the people who have investments in the industries listed above. That's right, your government is blocking advancement by protecting their own investments.
            Prohibition on alcohol was the same situation. You have Women's sufferage and incometax tied to the prohibition of alcohol. The short of it is the Income tax was turned down. Women were protesting alcohol(look it up) and the only way they could force people to thinking was to institute prohibition. But how? Only men voted and men surely wouldn't prohibit something they used. So, women got the right to vote which pushed prohibition over the top. With the loss of revenue, the government needed a new source. Enter Income taxes. After income taxes were instituted, they lifted prohibition.
             Are you beginning to see how you're manipulated? Are you beginning to see why we have prohibition on all hemp? They make too much money on the war on drugs to lift the prohibition. Commercial prisons, money to waste everywhere in the government... I could research a list for you but you can do that.
              The point of this post is to remind you that this country is supposed to be about personal freedoms. Not the ones where no one can say anything to offend you. I'm talking about constitutional freedoms. No matter what anyone, including a majority, thinks about something, 9 times out of 10 it is going to be constitutional. Including Hemp use for industry and recreation. Take whatever view you have about pot and throw it out of the window. Hemp you can get high on isn't the reason it's illegal.
               Hemp is good for business. Hemp is good for the environment(takes less space to grow pot than trees or cotton with a higher yield) Hemp is a centuries old product that does more than the chemicals we use.Here are a couple of links to get you started on the facts about hemp. Check around for more. And please be aware that the opposition to hemp uses lies and scare tactics.

Hemp uses
Medical Marijuana

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday off... something to have fun with.

                        Im generally not going to publish anything on Sunday but I couldnt resist this.        This is a little bit rock, a little bit renaissance, a little bit Dub step and all fun. If you like it, look for the live version. High energy and the moves she makes in this official video are exactly what she does in concert. I got to see the live in England version on PBS today. It was absolutely incredible. Enjoy.

Lindsey Stirling

Friday, March 13, 2015

Questions about the dereaded 'G'(od) Word

               Why did god allow the possibility of evil and suffering? If God knows the future, how can he let so much bad happen to people? If God knows the outcome, how can you say I have free will? If we're all God's children, how can he allow his representatives to hate me?
                Good Questions all. Let's start with  the second and third because they are the same answer. When I first asked this question, I was met with such vague replies I was wholly unsatisfied. Preists, pastors, rabbis and deacons didnt have a complete andswer. For years I struggled with this and then it dawned on me... Chess. Chess is the answer. (or checkers if you like)
                   For every move you make on a chess board, there is only so many moves your opponant can make. Especially with the opening moves which are to move 1 of 8 pawns or 1 of 2 knights. I have just predicted the future. I know what you will move and the result of each move you can make. You have the free will to make any choice you like. I do not direct your moves. I do not influence your moves and yet I know what you will do and every possible outcome.
                   So as you can see that this isnt fate. You can see that this isnt planned. It's just the knowledge of the situation and what all of the possibilities are. Good or bad. There is no set plan for anyone who wants to express their free will without guidance.
                    Which brings me to the first question. Why did god allow the possibility of evil and suffering? Im not gonna get preachy but I am going to refer to the bible briefly. Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden and away from God's protection because they chose to disobey him. In other words, the evil and suffering were already there. He had just protected Adam and Eve until their disobedience. He gave them free will, as it states in the bible, that he wanted follower and not automatons. So if he were to intervene in every circumstance of evil and suffering, you would know without a doubt that he exists and only do his bidding because there would be no doubt of his existence.
                   This is where faith comes in. this is WHY faith exists. Do you believe and follow based upon my word? Or do you follow because you dont really have a choice? In the video link, this person is taking it on faith that none of the puddles are too deep. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGSZEVs1eOY but after finding out that one of them is too deep, he will never jump into a puddle again with out testing it with a stick first. Because he now knows for certain that one CAN be too deep.
                    In the interest of brevity and needing to answer the final question before this becomes a book, I will now tackle the question "If we're all God's children, how can he allow his representatives to hate me?" And this question is meant to address the subject of the church pushing people that aren't like them away. We dont hate you. We have been told to live a certain way and to not be with *the way of the world*. We are supposed to allow you your free will to live as you choose without legislating our beliefs into law, berate you for your choice or to tell you that "God's gonna get you for that". We are to present you with the 'word of God' and let him take over. And if anyone makes you feel hated or despised, they aren't really a Christian. We are to love you as we love ourselves. We are to present you the word and if you reject it, pray you will one day accept it.
                    But it also tells us in a complex way that confuses most Christians, we are not to allow you to be a part of our lives. That's not hate. That's protection of our ways. For instance, You wouldn't allow Charles Manson in in your house for dinner and allow him to play with your kids. I know that's an extreme but the best example without making this a book.
                    If you are in a church or around a church that feels more like a shrine for saints than a hospital for sinners, you aren't in the right place. None of us are perfect. And all we can hope for is that we can walk with God and ask him to guide us. It wont be easy and we wont always make the right choice. And you you dont find that kind of humility with people that call themselves Christians, then walk alone and ask God for the help. You dont need a  minister. You just need him.

Left or right and the illusion of choice.

             So you think they're different. Democrats and Republicans. Left and right. Well, you couldn't be more wrong. As shown above, They're getting money from the same corporations. Why would a company do that? Well, Let's say you donated to the Romney campaign only. Your *investment* would be lost, wouldn't it? But if you donated to both, now they are both beholden to you so you win no matter who is elected.
              And you will notice that not much changes from one to the other as far as policies and actions go. Look at the Bush administration first. They get us into a war on several fronts, they put in 'temporary' legislation to "keep us safe". They let the congress micro manage the war instead of letting the generals and the president get in, get it done and get out.
               Move forward to the Obama administration and the same things that were started by the Bush administration are going on in his administration. We're still at war, we're getting ready to start another one(or finish the old one depending on how you look at it) with congress still micromanaging the military. The Patriot act, although unconstitutional, is still in place and everything else is still business as usual.
                 Bush Sr raised taxes, in his own words, to bring about the new world order. And every president since has made sure to take steps that would destroy our economy, the American family's bottom line by using smoke and mirrors like Welfare and immigration reforms that never changed a thing because they dont want it to..
                   So how did it get here? Approximately 600 rich people set it up so that no one would ever vote them out of office which secures their power. And in order to maintain that power, they create fake crisis that they can mythically solve showing you how good a job they are doing. Then at election time, they offer up a new guy in their party they can destroy to make sure you vote for them. Look at the last 10 congressional races in your state. Unless the opposing party won, this is the exact scenario you saw.
                     How do we fix this? First, we call for a convention of states to implement term limits. Article V of the constitution allows for a convention of states to override congress and implement law without the approval of congress. Then in the same convention or a second one, you implement campaign finance reform that states a politician cannot spend more money on the campaign than the job pays in one year.
                        Why do you think there is a federal Department of education? So that they can omit things from the curriculum like Article V so that you think your only option is the pointless carousel of  the same puppet masters and the same results from the same people and the same power structurre they ILLEGALLY put into place.
                      It's your country not their kingdom. Take it back and put them in the place they were intended to be. Your employees, not your kings and queens. We had the Boston Tea Party over a %5 tax. Our founders would be embarrassed. Especially since they gave us the tools to stop this and we just sit around and let the people in DC destroy our country.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The *Hands up dont shoot* Lie. Is it time to arrest the media for propegating the lie?

                     As we have learned from witness testimony, Mike didnt have his hands up and the cop was justified in shooting him. The witnesses, all black, stated that what the police said was true. The only person that said Mike had his hands up and that the cops shot him in the back, was his accomplice. Yet the media continued, and still continue, to propagate the lie with the chant, hands up dont shoot. This is incitement of rioting. The media should be taken to task and, at the very least, sued for their incitement of the riot.
                     And we all know why they did it. The good old saying that *If it bleeds, it leads.* and they didnt have enough bleeding. As if the deaths of people in the middle east due to Islamic fanatics who are taking their theology literally when it says to convert, kill or subjugate. No, the media has to stir up trouble with outright lies that get people killed and ruin careers of good people. Then they disguise it as a racial issue when its a cultural one.
                       Making it a racial issue instead of cultural one does nothing to help gang ruined communities. The people their are frustrated that the police cant control the gangs and rid their neighborhoods.They are made to feel that this thug life that surrounds them is part of their culture making it worse. And this all falls squarely on the shoulders of the media who continue to propagate the lie.
                       If either you or I were to incite a riot or cause harm to others with a lie, we would be incarcerated for it or sued for the lie. It's time to hold the media accountable. It is time that they understand that they are subject to the same laws as the rest of us. They scream freedom of the press. The freedom of the press extends to the truth, not lies. The freedom of the press is so that government cannot arrest them for exposing the government's misdeeds. It does NOT give them carte blanche to create or manufacture news to satisfy their advertisers.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary for POTUS? She cant work 2 cell phones.

              So with as many controversies that are surrounding Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, Please explain to me why either of them are discussed in national politics let alone being mentioned in the same sentence as candidate for president. Benghazi, Whitewater, Making the statement, "I saw this intelligence when I was in the white house and can verify it's authenticity." that made congress change their mind about not going into Iraq, her dismissal from the Nixon investigations by her own party for unethical behavior and much much more that makes her ineligible for POTUS and more along the lines of criminal investigation.
                 And Sarah's arrogance is just as bad if not worse. The party incident, the assumption that people know what she meant when she said *I can see Russia from my house* and so much more, why does the GOP even poll for her as a candidate?
                  The political parties have lost their mind.... or have they? It would seem to me that if you look objectively at the RNC and the DNC, you find that they are one in the same. Oh sure, each one says they are diametrically opposed to each other, but when they are in office, it's business as usual and no one can tell the difference. And it's memes like this one that keep the narrative that there is a  difference between the parties going.
                   And the VP choice has become, "Who can I get to run with me that is so objectionable that I wont get impeached?" Dan Quayle and Joe Biden. How did they get to be VP? No one wanted them as president so they insured the president keeping his job. You can go through the entire list of candidates and not one of them are worthy of the job. Rand Paul has back tracked on so many things he's losing ground with Republican voters, Biden will NEVER get the bid and Hillary just screwed the pooch with the email debacle and the meme above gives people more reason to hate her.
                    The only person that has protected the constitution up to this point and the honor of the USA is Trey Gowdy. (I here you calling me a republican. STOP IT!) Trey Gowdy is the only congressman that has stood up to the people who are lying to congress and explained to them why he isnt going to accept the lies up to and including threatening them with contempt of congress for not disclosing information. His tenacity to get to the real information and bring it to the light of day for the American Public to see has me in his corner. No nonsense and no double speak. I dont know what else he stands for but anyone that is that dogged to get the truth has my vote.


                 Greetings.  I was born in '63 in a religious home and one that didnt discuss politics at all. As I grew older I found that theists have it wrong because they highlight out of context and try to control people instead of giving people the bible and telling them that if they need help to first ask god and then ask me for help. The true meaning of free will escapes most theists and the blame falls directly on the establishment church..
                 To the part about not discussing politics: Anyone in this day and age who says they aren't interested in politics, better not tell me they vote. Knowing who and what you are voting for takes work and if you are unwilling to do the work, dont mess it up for the rest of us.
                 My manifesto is going to be the bringing of REAL information to light. Not your media sensationalized versions of it, but the truth. You will call me a democrat, a republican, a conspiracy theorist and much worse. But what you will never be able to label me with is liar. Your opinion matters. I cannot hone my information if I am misinformed or dont have all of the pieces to the puzzle. But be warned; I am completely unforgiving of people who parrot their party, church or group so that they can fit into those categories without pain. And the pain I will bring will be SO much worse you will cry. Or leave.
                   If you have an opposing opinion, I am man enough to agree to disagree. Example: Tookie Williams, founder of the Crips gang,was set to be executed and there were arguments on both sides of the death penalty. I am for the death penalty in his case because as the leader of the Crips, he is responsible for the actions of his crew in the same fashion the Generals are responsible for the actions of all servicemen. Mike Ferrel, B.J. Hunnicutt from MASH,  argued that he should remain in prison for life but not be executed because the witnesses in the case were also up on charges in the same case and their testimony was dubious at best. A very sound, informed, well thought out and honorable opinion. I disagree. BUT, and here's the part that applies to this blog, I agree to disagree with Mr Ferrel because his opinion was his own. He sought out the fatcs and made an informed decision. He is entitled to the respect that making an informed decision deserves. He did not parrot a political view some one else had. He made his own decision.
                    So if you wish to have intelligent discourse, I am happy to have it. If you feel then need to suggest a topic, feel free to do so. I am well versed in many topics but enjoy research and am willing to find answers. I hope you either enjoy this enough to share or hate it enough to grab a gang to try and shout me down. Either way, the Not so common sense will be distributed.